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First get your key boad and bash it into the side of your moniter. (If you Have 2 moniters then bash both of them)

Secound open your computer and rip out your hardrive.

Third place the hardrive firmily on the remains of your moniter and keyboard.

Fourth burn the pile of ruined tech euipment with two sticks make sure not to use a match.

fifth the ashes and place it in a demonic star formate.

sixth place a virgens heart in the meddle of the circle 

Seventh stab the heart with a hunting knife. (make sure its the same knife used to cut out the virgens heart.)

Eighth leave the blade in the heart and burn both the heart and the knife.

once the heart is done burning look away form the ashes and wait 3 secounds then turn around!

if you did it right it should have sommend Dr.Kleiner if you did it wrong then you might be haunted for all of eternity.